The violence forms used by the States in the context of the Baque political conflict throughout the last decades are diverse and plural. That is why the victims caused by these violences are also diverse and plural.

It is a complex task to try to enumerate each of them, since each person that has experienced the consequences of the conflict can offer a various kind of nuances about the violence they have suffered from (which is completely necessary).

Despite this, taking into account the number of deaths, tortures and wounded people by State violence can offer an estimated photograph of the reality:


4113 are, at least, the allegations of torture made by 3.415 people, according to the report about the tortures in the Basque Autonomous Region between 1960 and 2014 made by the Basque Government.

Furthermore, this report also says that “these statistic are below the real number of affected people”. On the other hand, Euskal Memoria Foundation, in its “Investigation Report about the Torture in the Basque Country” talks about 5.657 verified torture cases to 4.643 people.

OFICIALLY RECOGNIZED: 31 victims (0,9%)

  • Victims of torture hardly ever have had any attention measures, any recognition or any reparation. The judicial complaints that have achieved a condemnatory sentence are negligible: 31 people have victim consideration.
  • The Spanish State has been declared guilty 12 times by international bodies for not investigating the torture reports.

On the other hand, the testimonies of torture of 72 people of between the years 1960 and 1978 have been recognized by the report “Saliendo del olvido”.