Who are we?

“Egiari Zor” foundation (“in honor to the truth” in basque) was founded on 22th April 2012. Its objective is to work for the rights of victims of all types of violence carried out by both Spanish and French states. In the context of Basque political conflict, the foundation is formed by those whose relatives were murdered by the violence of the states, wounded and suffered tortured. We are a wide and plural sector, where there are people with different points of view.


Why was it founded?

We founded “Egiari Zor” because of the lack of official recognition as victims during long time: we were not taken into account within the statistics monopolised by the State. What binds us is different kind of violences we have suffered from the states, and that pain has not officially recognized yet.


What was it for?

In the Basque Country and in the new context of ETA’s decision on putting beyond of use its armed struggle in 2011, we decided to turn victims’ suffer into virtue and make a contribution on promoting the peace process. Taking into account that the roots and consequences of the conflict are political, we have the vocation to facilitate the achievement of resolution of the Basque conflict by means of political and democratic agreements.


What unites us?

This is our main commitment: standing up for a new society based on co-existence, human rights and peace.

Basque society has never known how to prevent from ceaseless human rights breach. All approaches of stopping them have failed.

All society should raise awareness of those cases would never happen again.

This is our main ethical basis. In addition, these are the principles that determine our work:

  • It is essential to tackle the conflict from an integral perspective, and to offer tools to make it possible: deaths, extradujicial executions, forced disappearances, wounds, tortures, threats and other kinds of sufferings are personal and collective tragedies. Those must be integrally recognized, accepted and repaired.
  • Attitude against of all kind of violences: Those cases would have never happened again. It must be bore in mind that some kind of violences still exist. We demand the end of all of them.
  • Attitude in favor of a polyhedric and plural story of the truth.
  • Attitude against of the instrumentalist use of the victims: We refuse the use of the victims with partisan and selfish purposes.
  • Against categorization of victims. We demand an equal answer to similar breach of human rights.
  • Innovative means of recognizance and reparation of victims are necessary: we defend a new approach of recognizance and reparation of all victims, since we do not believe that the traditional justice’s punishment aim is the only way to obtain justice. That is why we focus on standing for truth as mechanism to get justice.


What kind of work do we do?

These are our main lines of work: 

  1. Overcome the categorization which the victims have suffered from so far and work to guarantee the same level of recognition to every person that has suffered from the same violations of human rights. For this purpose, we give support to the victims with the legal mechanisms that are available nowadays (making applications, giving advice…), or we try to initiate innovative mechanisms that can help to achieve recognition.
  2. Bring the hidden truths to the light. A lot of sufferings that have taken place in the context of the conflict still remain undercovered, because they are not known, or in many cases, because they have been covered up. We work to bring all of them to the light, to get to know and to share everything that has happened, so that we can guarantee the sufferings will not repeat in the future. For that purpose, we organize informative talks or we write papers.
  3. Demand that a new model of justice is necessary to build coexistence: to stop generating more suffering is essential to achieve a scenario where all the consequences of the conflict are overcome. Thus, we consider necessary to build a new model of justice that has the truth as a goal, rather than punishment, not to prolong the conflict, not to delay the overcome of its consequences and not to block its resolution. That will only be possible taking as a basis the commitment of the basque institutions and civil society. We dedicate our efforts to spread this idea.
  4. Public denounce of the impunity of our aggressors: we work to get to know and denounce publicly which are the direct and indirect responsible heads of the crimes that hit us, because many of the times, they have not still been identified.