Truth for all victims

Conclusions of the debate

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Report on the level of recognition of the victims of the States

Report about the number of victims caused by the violence of the States, and the level of official recognition of them: dead, tortured and injured people.

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Presentation of the Foundation

Presentation of the Foundation Egiari Zor: Who are we? Why was it founded? What is it for? Which is our work?

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Foundation document

Foundation document of Egiari Zor, presented in Donostia-San Sebastián on the 22nd of april, 2012. The document outlines the main reasons for the constituency of the foundation, the details of its work and the main ideas that will be defended.

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ERRAZTEN. Never again

“Errazten” document, presented on the 5th of november, 2015 on the Miramar Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián. The document outlines a series of thoughts in order to make a contribution to create a new relation between different sensibilites, and also defines the main work principles of the Foundation.

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